Refund/Cancellation Policy

Top Velocity Boca Raton has a no refund policy.  If the player can not make it to the program due to sickness or unforeseen family event, the player must contact top velocity Boca Raton at least 24 hours before the program date.   Top velocity will reschedule the player to another future event. 

If player has suffered an injury, and can not attend the event.  The player must submit a doctor notice to top velocity Boca Raton.  Without the doctor written notes, top velocity may not be able to reschedule the event for the player.

Any additional inquires must be submitted 48 hrs before the scheduled event to top velocity for consideration or change.

Customer can request for a replacement if the purchased merchandize is damaged upon arrival.  A request for replacement email with a photo to show the damage must be submitted before returning the product for replacement.  The customer is responsible for the actual shipping cost for replacement products.